Touring (E91) (Code: 9780007331680)


The Sports Touring model of the 3-Series is available with both rear-wheel drive and xDrive AWD. This model features a large (optional) Panoramic roof, which stretches far enough for passengers in the rear to enjoy.

Price: 69.00 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 1800 Kg
Doors: 3
Power (hp): 190
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Convertible (Code: xt00100)
47.60 EUR
Manufacturer: New York factory
Weight: 1120 Kg
Doors: 4
Power (hp): 165
The 3 Series convertible, for the first time, is available with a 3-piece folding aluminum hardtop roof.
Coupe (Code: xt00102)
117.30 EUR
Manufacturer: New York factory
Weight: 9 Kg
Doors: 3
Power (hp): 120
The two-door iteration of the 3-Series became available in August 2006 and premiered as a 2007 model.
Saloon (E90) (Code: 9781741105704)
Old price: 856.00 EUR
47.60 EUR
Manufacturer: Gvadelupa factory
Weight: 1500 Kg
Doors: 5
Power (hp): 170
The saloon (sedan) model of the 3 series was the first model sold of the 5th generation BMW 3 series
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